Left and Found…Sonoma Valley

If you have never been to Cornerstone in Sonoma Valley it is worth a visit. Landscape architects have placed installations that are fascinating. You can take a leisurely stroll and visit them all in under an hour (but longer is better!). Visit the very unique shops and bring a picnic or have lunch outside under olive trees.

I love going there for photography. It is certainly a great place to get some interesting shots. I have gone several times and now looking at details that might go unnoticed in the larger scheme of things. I find it very interesting and challenging to create images that are part of the entire scene.

These photographs are details from different installations.


There is a mylar ‘tree’ where you can add your own message. Depending on the time of day it makes a splendid display of sparking light.

An entire tree made of wire ‘growing’ from the end of a path lined with sculptured grape vines.

A group of ‘tree’s made of netting with dangling crystal jewels. The ‘trees’ are planted in white ‘soil’ with green cactus plants. The entire scene is quite a flight of fancy.

A wonderful combination of soft grasses and pointed cactus.

You can find out bit more about this project.