Left and Found…Mendocino CA

shoes Recently I rented the Fuji x100s camera from Borrowed Lenses to take on a trip to Mendocino. I’ve been very interested in this particular mirrorless camera and it was great being able to rent it. While putting the camera through its paces,  I stopped to read a flyer posted on a fence. I happened to glance down and saw these shoes. They are positioned just as I saw them. I love making photographs that pose questions to the viewer. For me my questions were, who left these here, why would someone leave good shoes on the side of the street?, why has no one taken them? what happened to the person that left them? To me these questions are the ‘story’ of the photograph…and that’s why I made it.   artichoke.squareI was experimenting with the Fujifilm 100s and trying out the color filters. You can choose the color that the sensor will record and everything else will be rendered in black and white. Sometimes it doesn’t work very well depending on the intensity of the color in the subject. Taken at a nursery in Mendocino. I like the way these artichoke flowers turned out. And, it was a a lot of fun experimenting.

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