Left and Found…Local Vegetable Market

imwalle-32-edit297There is a wonderful vegetable market that has been around for a long time. I love going there for fresh fruit and veggies that are far superior to the grocery store and much cheaper.

Since this family business has been around for a long time, they have older baskets and farm equipment all around the area. Not long ago a friend and I ask if we could roam around and take pictures and they said sure.

We had a great time hanging out with the lemons and new plantings of zucchini. But for me, the old stuff was the most interesting. Tractors, shopping carts, old cars and other well-used machinery was what captured my attention.

I like the way the shopping cart creates a repeating pattern with the two wheels in front and in back and the horizontal lines of the bottom of the basket. Add the rust and the rough asphalt and it becomes an interesting statement.

imwalle-3-edit299Out in the planting area there was an old red tractor where you could see the inner workings. Another use of ‘old’ and diagonal lines. These two images did not relate to each other in color or style. After post processing in Lightroom for color and contrast, I then moved on to the Analog Efex Pro 2 filter in the Nik collection. Here I created a preset that I applied to the images giving them a common look and feel. In this way, Here are two of the images from the series I created.

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